Your favorite music, uniquely recorded and arranged, along with rarely heard songs.
This beautiful 34 track special addition double CD is now offered with Tim Storey’s moving
renditions of Daily Reminders from scripture.



The Greatest Story Ever Sung, submitted for a Grammy Award nomination in three categories, is narrated by Stephen Baldwin and tells the story of the birth of Jesus through traditional Christian music.

Daily Reminders From Scripture are brought to you from Tim Storey, world renowned motivational & inspirational speaker.
The Greatest Story Every Sung is a musical journey of traditional Christian music. Presented are thirty-four songs and introductions by Stephen Baldwin that take the audience through the Story of Jesus Christ, our savior, from the nativity to the Resurrection. Read More >   Everywhere he went, people gathered around to see if it was true. Had the promised Messiah really come? And, could he really turn our ashes into beauty? In the book of Isaiah Chapter 61, it was prophesied that Jesus would come to earth and bring The Great Exchange. Read More >